In summers, on the beach you can feel that cool breeze touching your face, every inch of it. You can feel the breeze going through your hair, messing it up, the hair at the back of your ear comes up to your cheeks and tickles you a bit over there which makes you pull your hair back behind your ears. That breeze smells like the fresh summertime cool breeze which makes you want to live longer than what your age has been destined by the god. That feet when touches the sand underneath can feel the warmth of the land, the earth that lets you to live in it and treats you with love but what you do is, you ruin it. Its like you never loved this place you living in. You got the love from one side but never returned it. You used this place, you lived in it, made some inventions and discoveries and forgot to treat this place with love.

Now do you want to know what this planet did to take revenge?

It started shaking its land on which we live, this is known as Earthquake. It allowed the oceans and seas to let their water come on the land to destroy the human living, this is a tsunami. It lets the land slide downwards and this planet does a lot more things to destroy the human kind because simply it is retaliating for what we did to it. We destroyed the natural beauty and pleasingness of this world we live in and introduced a lot more scientific and chemical objects in it.

The air is impure, the water is impure, the land is infertile, our whole world is breaking down.

It feels so good when you go to the beaches or to a place where there are a lot of plants and insects around you. Well the insects are not the good part but mainly the natural vegetation because most of the people keep screaming when they see a different kind of insect around them and then are not able to enjoy the green vegetation around them like me. Once it happened to me and when I returned from that trip I felt so bad, I wanted to enjoy that natural beauty of the place which I did but at nights I wasn’t able to do so because I was scared of the various kinds of insects that would sit on my head or at my back in the dark and I wouldn’t be able to notice them.

Well at that time I was a kid but now I believe I would be able to relish the beautiful landscapes, the plants and its flowers and fruits, the bugs and all kinds of insects.

Now lets get back to the feeling you get when you are on the beach.

What do you think about the ocean water sweeping the sand onshore? It seems like the ocean water is thirsty and sweeps away the sand to quench its thirst. Humans, animals and plants need water for their thirst but ocean water is in itself water and needs sand to quench its thirst. Lets see the world in a different way. It seems more appealing when we see this world with a different set of eyes, this world becomes 100 times more alluring with different set of eyes.

There are approximately 7.6 billion people in this world, so lets imagine looking at this world with 7.6 billion sets of eyes. This means there are 7.6 billion stunning versions of this world.

The day we start understanding the beauty of the planet Earth from that day onwards we’ll stop contaminating this place.

In this blog I have been discussing with you all about the beauty of this planet and how you see it and to stop contaminating Earth.

Well I know nobody reads my blog and nobody would care to do so but I like writing and here I am presenting you with my new blog. I hope who so ever reads it can make a change 🙂



So here I am writing about my miseries AGAIN. You would be thinking why am I such a depressed and dull soul who writes about all these awful things going on in her life? Well I write about them so that the person (who hasn’t faced that problem yet) who’s reading my blog can get an idea of what life can offer you and if a person who has faced all of it can relate to my problems and can feel okay by the fact that everyone faces some kind of problems in their lives about which we shouldn’t be ashamed of.

Problems, scary things happening in your lives, some shameful events that ruined your lives are the package of a what we call it as a ‘dope life’.

Every single day I think that what is it that I’ll encounter today? What is it that will make my heart throb so fast? I eagerly wait for some events be it miserable, happy, adventurous, scary, sad or whatever it can be just to make my day special and different from the other days.

I really like exploring new things.

I don’t know about you but soon you’ll find some way to happily live your life and you definitely will find some adventure in your sad and boring life.

You think how I got to know about your life being sad? You wouldn’t have read my blog till the end and you would’t be reading this line right now. You would have been long gone.



Mixed up feelings

These are those kinds of feelings when you show everyone that you are okay but from inside you are hiding up a lot of mess that is clinging from your heart like a pin of a stapler that doesn’t want to be taken out from the depths of your heart!

You try hard this time to forget about those messed up feelings by watching some Netflix that night and having some snacks in your cozy bed.

But the next morning you wake up with all that anxiety and depression back. Yes this is the feeling I am facing right now.

I am watching “Stranger Things” on Netflix in my comfortable bed having snacks but this time I don’t know why I am not able to overcome those feelings.

Those feelings not of love but of anger, anxiety, you can call it rage as well are all clouding up in my head and I think that my head’s going to burst in some 10 to 15 minutes if I continue thinking about that.

The times when I am alone I start talking to the walls imagining them to be the person I want to take revenge from, the person I want to abuse so bad that he or she doesn’t come back and doesn’t even try to mess with me.

But the same person comes back again and again trying to break me down, trying to make me cry and feel abandoned.

But this time I’m not going to let anyone drag me down. I’m going to live up to my own rules. Going to be the one no one has ever imagined that I can be one. 

I’ll destroy all the pain and the anxiety they gave to me because now they have to reep what they have sown.

What do you think about love?

Is it actually the nicest and the loveliest things you’ve ever heard of? Or is it worst, worst than a nightmare?

People who have newly experienced love say that it’s like a dream come true and it’s like a second heaven in which they are living. But the worst truth of “love” is that it seems to be so happy and overwhelming from the outside but from the inside it’s like the worst nightmare. 

Some couples seem to be so happy when you see them somewhere. But if you got the powers to become invisible for one day and then you go to that couple and observe them for that whole day, you’ll get to know what love is exactly like. Love is just a mere word telling you to love your partner and give your heart and soul to them but in actual you are not able to do that because if you do that you’ll only end up having your heart broken and left with no love in return. 

I am again mentioning that LOVE IS JUST A MERE WORD.

“Love” itself doesn’t mean actual love nowadays.

It’s full of cheating and a lot of more heart breaking stuff contained with a little bit of love. This is what the PACKAGE of “Love” contains.

Some of the readers who would be reading this blog would be thinking that I am saying rubbish stuff and all. 

I BET THOSE READERS HAVE NEWLY FALLEN IN LOVE and are going to see the dark side of so called “Love”.

I don’t mean to hurt anyone but I am writing all this because I have seen this happening everytime and everywhere, sometimes with my pals and sometimes with others who are close to me and sometimes with me as well. 

This was my first blog and I hope the readers would like it.


xx Camilaraeha xx